Based in central Oklahoma City, we extend our services to clients across the state. Our staff and 24/7 emergency response teams are based throughout Oklahoma to ensure immediate response.



Restoring damaged properties in a manner that brings the greatest return in asset value and highest energy efficiency,

With decades of field experience utilizing the latest thermal and forensic engineering technologies, we are Oklahoma’s experts in commercial large loss and specialty roofing solutions with an emphasis on complex weather-related restoration.

Our innovative 9-Phase process and expertise will identify, substantiate and restore the full scope of your damaged property. We have extensive experience working with the largest commercial insurance companies in North America and maintain an unrivaled track record of success.

We offer sophisticated in-house estimating, time-sensitive scheduling with a very skilled and experienced team. The result is an unmatched level of service, support, quality, competitive pricing, and customer satisfaction for Oklahoma’s schools, churches, and commercial industries.

We add value where it matters the most.

Commercial roof claims are often denied, underpaid, and improperly scoped. Our strategic approach involves assisting, documenting the damage, proving the loss and restoring the property to contemporary standards.

Our services extend to the entire property assets that may have sustained damage, including HVAC, windows, exterior cladding, steeples, signage, and more.

We bring peace of mind.

Our goal is to increase asset value, improve energy efficiency and deliver exceptional results. We utilize the highest quality materials and craftsmanship to ensure every project is done the right way the first time. Next Phase Roofing and Construction strives to spec each project in conjunction with the leading roofing manufacturers’ requirements to achieve an NDL, “No Dollar Limit,” manufacturer’s warranty. This gives our clients the peace of mind that their project was completed to the highest standards with the seal of approval from those who developed the products.

We help navigate you through the insurance process.

When proving a loss after a hail or wind storm, the burden of proof rests on the insured. We have a broad network of industry-leading meteorologists, forensic engineers, and state and local building officials that allows us to deliver our clients a well-substantiated position when it is most critical.


Unmatched Reputation

Our reputation for excellence and quality is demonstrated by our customer referrals, as well as professional credentials and certifications.

Complex Claim Experts

Our team is trained to provide you the necessary information for you to navigate your insurance claim. This ensures that your property is fully and properly restored.

Qualified, Experienced and Professional

We hire the best in the business. Your project will be managed by professionals knowledgeable in every aspect of commercial and residential roofing, customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

High-Quality Products

We provide options and help you select the best professional-quality materials to compliment and protect your property. We stand behind our craftsmanship and the products we use.

On-Site Management

Every aspect of your project will be overseen by a highly qualified site manager. Schools, churches and commercial properties require the utmost attention to safety, planning and courtesy. We take pride in safe, clean, considerate operations tailored to the unique schedules of our commercial customers. Our goal is to provide you with a safe, well-planned, and informed step-by-step process during the entire project.