Ah insurance companies. We’ve all dealt with them and usually the experience is less than pleasant (to put it nicely and omit obscenities). That’s why we’ve created a roof insurance claim process so you don’t have to sit on the phone with an insurance robot while saying the word, “representative” countless times just to get to an actual human just to hear your claim has been denied despite the coverage that you pay for every month. We’re here to stop the madness.

Covering the costs for roof replacement and repair is hard enough on business owners and homeowners, and without claim approval from the insurance companies, sometimes downright impossible. With extensive experience working with the largest commercial insurance companies in North America to help our clients get claim approval, we have an unrivaled track record of success. Don’t just take our word for it, watch as this couple share’s their experience with Next Phase and got their roof covered 100% by insurance after talking with another roofing engineer and contractor who told this couple that their claim had been denied.

Why are insurance companies denying claims? Young Alford’s blog, “Roof Insurance Claim Denied” lists the reasons why insurance companies will deny roof damage claims. Reasons for claim denial include broken roof insurance claim processes, policy coverage limits unknowingly excluding common disasters like Oklahoma tornadoes or hail storms, and age of the structure (just to name a few). As Alford’s blog states, don’t give up. We’re here to help get you the information needed to navigate the claims process! Here is our multi-faceted approach to obtaining commercial roof insurance and damage restoration claims:

  1. Assessing the entire property. Next Phase’s free roof inspection services extend to the whole property including HVAC, windows, exterior cladding, steeples, signage, chipped surfaces, dents, cracks, leaks, and more.
  2. Documenting the damage. Our thorough review of the property is completely recorded so it’s not just a word-of-mouth process, but a written out assessment that can then be submitted to all relevant parties: insurance companies, business partners, employees, spouses, everyone.
  3. Proving the loss. Next Phase Roofing and Construction will assist in explaining the damages discovered and make sure you have the information needed to supply your insurance company with our findings. Construction damage across so many varying types of materials can be confusing and missed even in good faith efforts.  Our thorough assessments make sure you have the information needed after your property has been damaged.

In an effort to avoid insurance denials, we offer the resources insurance companies ask for so the claim isn’t denied in the first place by offering free certified roof inspections, consultation, and written estimates that can then be shared with insurance companies during the claim request process.

All in all, you have enough to deal with on a daily basis – we make it easy because that’s our job and should be the job of every roofing company. For example, we provide one quote, one bill and we’re the only company you need to interface with to get your roof fixed or replaced. This may make us different, but we think every roofing company should work this way because it’s what we would want when we request a service from contractors. We don’t want to speak to an engineer, a contractor and product provider to get a home repair, so neither should you. From initial contact to final inspection it’s a one-stop-shop: customer satisfaction, safety and property protection- all of it. Contact us at https://nextphaseroofing.com/contact-us/ or call us at 405-500-7663.