One of a church’s most recognizable characteristics is its steeple, which ought to be maintained in immaculate condition, but Oklahoma weather might have other ideas. Steeples have a limited lifespan despite their intricate design and architecture, which are frequently significant to the church for a long period of time. Additionally, severe storms wreak havoc on steeples.  Wind and hail create situations where an insurance claim is necessary.  Having a reliable partner who not only can handle the major commercial roofing aspect of the project, but the steeple as well is critical.

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Following A Storm

If a storm passes through your town; examine your property, safely, to check if there is any damage. If so, there’s a strong likelihood that your church’s steeple has sustained damage. For a free assessment of the building, roof, and church steeple to see if a repair is feasible or if a steeple replacement is necessary, give Next Phase a call. Steeples can sustain damage from severe winds, big hail, and prolonged downpours all at once or over time.

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Out-Of-Date Church Steeple

Although there isn’t a set guideline for a steeple’s shelf life, it’s generally a good idea to have it inspected if you have had it for more than 15-20 years. Like roofs, steeples deteriorate with time and may need to be replaced to keep the church grounds secure and safe. Being on top of the building, outside in the weather for many years can cause them to acquire mold, mildew, façade damage, UV damage, storm damage, and many other problems. It’s a good idea to give Next Phase Roofing, Oklahoma’s leading steeple installers, a call for a complimentary site inspection.


Custom Church Steeple Installation

Next Phase Roofing has close relationships with the major steeple manufactures across the United States. This relationship and knowledge is critical when matching your particular steeple’s mold to the current-day design. We take what steeple you currently have whether it be damaged or older, and match the steeple to the original steeple manufacturer, ensuring a seamless look once replaced.  Our deep relationships across this industry, give us the ability to help navigate the complicated waters from start to finish.

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Material Types

Steeples can be made out many different materials. Most commonly, of Fiberglass, aluminum-clad, copper-clad, standing seam or sheet metal. We have the ability to source or custom fabricate whatever your steeple project requires. Having a trusted Oklahoma steeple installer, like Next Phase Roofing, ensures your project is in the most reliable and knowledgeable hands.

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Steeple Insurance Claims

Next Phase Roofing has relationships with major church insurance companies across Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Kansas and Missouri. We provide a turn-key solution from emergency to repair to sourcing the correct steeple configuration and type, to building it on site, to installing it and water-proofing the steeple no matter the material it sits on.

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Coordination of the Worksite

Our top goal for every steeple install, is jobsite coordination. From the start to the finish, extensive planning is required. Our attention to detail is unsurpassed, and our crew is trained to provide you with all of the construction information. We’ll do a thorough assessment of the whole property and create a strategy for finishing the job in a timely fashion. Particular attention is given to the landscaping, playgrounds, bus loading zones, parent/child pick-up and drop-off zones, subterranean plumbing and cable systems, and high-line power. Our goal is to finish the project with the least amount of interference to your regular business operations.

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We pledge to maintain the integrity of the church property during the process. We believe that choosing a contractor that is qualified, insured, and skilled to complete your roofing project is crucial, especially for projects like this Oklahoma church steeple restoration and installation or any other storm restoration project. We are prepared to assist and possess extensive knowledge with steeple replacement work. Call us now to schedule a free examination.

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