Whether you have Oklahoma storm-related damage or you’re looking for an upgrade from your old, worn out roof – there are many different types of flat roof materials that are a superior choice for your business. Many roofing contractors are quick to want to give you a roof estimate without doing a thorough free roof inspection looking at all damage, chipped surfaces, dents, cracks, leaks, and more like Next Phase Roofing does. When choosing a roof material for your roof replacement, flat roofs come in many different options and we break those down for you.




TPO – also officially known as, Thermoplastic Polyolefin – is a single-ply roofing membrane that is one of the top choices for flat roofs. It has many benefits like waterproofing, lightweight, easy to acquire, but most importantly it reflects heat instead of absorbing it – making your building much more energy efficient. The more energy efficient your roof is, the much lower your heating and cooling bills can be. Another benefit to TPO is that, as a customer, you have more options to choose from to insulate your facility’s roof. TPO has a long lifespan ensuring that your commercial or residential property will be safe and leak free. We proudly use GAF TPO on our projects. Next Phase is Oklahoma’s expert in TPO installation.



a roll of pvc roofing membranes for flat roofs

PVC is another great singly-ply roofing solution made from polyvinyl chloride, aka plastic. Tried-and-true, PVC is a high-quality, long-lasting option to protect a variety of commercial structures, from condominiums to retail stores to restaurants, for flat, low-slope roofs. PVC can withstand hundreds of pounds of pressure per square inch, making it surprisingly strong and stable. PVC also offers protection against chemicals, water leaks, UV rays and fire. Like TPO, PVC also has cool reflective properties, helping your property’s energy efficiency. PVC has a great longevity, making it a great roofing investment. Next Phase Roofing can help guide you through PVC roofing.



Paoli HS TPO DSC04270

EPDM, Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, is an extremely durable synthetic rubber roofing membrane that you can find on low slop and flat roofs. EPDM has a high resistance to wind, hail, UV radiation, thermal shock and extreme temperatures, making it an extremely durable roof that is also lightweight. EPDM roofs can be adhered, mechanically fastened or ballasted and each installation method has its own benefits and uses. EPDM could be a great choice for your building – give us a call for a free roof inspection to see what flat roof material will fit your building best.



OKC 7080 N Western DURING 3 DJI 0653

Spray foam roofing is a wonderful roofing option for Oklahoma roofs. It is watertight and can be sprayed onto an existing roof (after proper prepare). Once sprayed, the foam increases in size by 30x, creating a barrier and layer of strength and watertightness to your roof. This type of roof does have to be sprayed when that outside temperature is above a certain temperature (typically 50 degrees, depending). Spray foam has an insane amount of insulation to it – it is the highest R-value per inch of any roofing material available. It allows for much less heating and cooling to escape your building compared to other options. Another benefit – it’s very easy to maintain making it a great option for Oklahoma businesses owners and their roof.



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Modified Bitumen roofing has changed over the past 50 years or more from being a novel experiment to one of the most widely used commercial roofing systems. Millions of projects around the world have chosen it as their roofing material of choice due to its high tensile strength, long lifespan and very simple installation. To generate a tough-yet-pliable waterproof membrane, asphalt is mixed with polymerized rubber or plastic and strengthened with fiberglass to create Modified Bitumen. It has a high tear-resistance, waterproof, flexible and extremely energy efficient – making it another great choice for low-slope and flat roof repairs and installation in Oklahoma.


TAR & GRAVEL (removals)

tar and gravel roofing.jpg

Built-up roofs (Tar & Gravel) is a well-established type of flat roof. Although well-established it is a little outdated compared to the above options. Although we don’t install it, Next Phase Roofing offers tar and gravel roof removals where needed. We can then guide you to an improved option for your roof.




Our goal is to maintain the watertightness of our clients’ facilities while also safeguarding their personnel and assets with all of these flat roofing materials. We prioritize craftsmanship and attention to detail in all of our work, from inspection and installation to repairs and maintenance, giving you peace of mind. This means that your projects are consistently done by knowledgeable, licensed roofers, trusted and competent experts at Next Phase Roofing.

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