If you’re looking for the most resilient, long-lasting, and durable product on the market – you’re looking at metal roofing. Whether you’re looking to replace your existing roof or upgrade your current roof – durability, dependability, energy efficiency and limitless color options make metal roofs one of the premier choices for your roof here in Oklahoma.


Types of Metal Roofs

You might be thinking metal is metal when it comes to metal roofing, but there are actually several different looks and types to choose from to best fit your commercial or residential re-roof project.

Standing Seam Metal Roofing

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Standing seam metal roofing is the highest quality, highest performance and simply, a visually stunning roof choice. Standing seam comes in both snap lock or mechanical lock. Snap lock is for residential roofs with wood decking, similar to our projects in Gatewood and Nichols Hills in central Oklahoma City. Mechanical lock is a commercial panel that is sealed together by a seamer machine on top of the roof. This ensures that the seams on the panels are mechanically locked together, creating a weather-tight seal for whatever Oklahoma storm season might bring. This is the best roofing material choice for schools, churches and high-end commercial roofs. Both types are made from custom roll formed panels to meet the exact specifications of the building and roof, leaving no detail behind. This is a common type of roof for us and our projects across Oklahoma like metal roofing churches in Lawton, Oklahoma, roofing schools in Bray-Doyle, Oklahoma near Duncan, Oklahoma.


R-Panel Metal Roofing

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R-panel metal roofing is a proven reliable and durable metal roofing product. R-panels typically come in a variety of grades and styles, but Next Phase guarantees that we are using the highest grade R-panel products, like Berridge or Metal Panels Inc. out of Tulsa Oklahoma, where we conduct numerous roofing jobs. R-panel is a great choice for the high-end appearance of metal roofing at a reduced cost compared to standing seam roofing. You want to ensure the roof is going to stand the test of Oklahoma sun, heat, wind and hail so we only use high-grade fasteners with protected washers to eliminate UV degradation and crushing during installation. This was a great choice for part of the re-roof project at Milburn Public Schools, near the home of Blake Shelton in Tishomingo, Oklahoma.


Trapezoidal Metal Roofing


Trapezoidal metal roofing has a ribbed trapezoidal shape pattern across the panel. Meaning it’s a four-sided shape. Oftentimes, trapezoidal roofs are mistakenly referred to as corrugated. Even with the special design, these roofs pass with flying colors when it comes to air leakage and water penetration.


Custom Colors & Panel Profiles

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When working with our metal brands, like McElroy Metal, Sheffield Metals and Mueller, Inc. and others – we are choosing the highest grade paint finishes. This is important to be impervious to chalking and fading over time. Some common metal roof colors clients choose are white, black, blue and gray. But you can find beautiful colors ranging from various shades of brown, to bright candy red or emerald green and more.


Weather Resistant Roofs

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Oklahoma weather can bring wind, hail and rain and the next week 110 degree heat indexes – it is constantly changing. You want to make sure your roof is weather resistant anywhere, but especially here in Oklahoma roofing. During a storm, metal roofs will not spark and ignite into flames during a lighting strike. If you are dealing with an old roof, damaged roof, or leaky roof – it may be time for an upgrade where metal roofing is a great contender amongst the many different roofing options. Both standing seam and R-panel carry a superior hail impact and wind rating. We have trusted and proven techniques that enhance the water-tightness of the system.


Energy Efficient Roofing

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Many metal options come Energy Star rated which is important to look for! By reflecting the UV and infrared light rays from the sun that contribute to radiant heat on the roof surface, metal roofs can reduce cooling expenses by 10 to 25 percent. This is a huge win for cooling bills, especially for large commercial spaces like Oklahoma churches, schools and commercial buildings. Metal roofs carry a lot of longevity and can last decades, but are also completely recyclable at the end of their life as a roof – a win!


Low Maintenance Roofs

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When correctly installed by your Oklahoma roofing contractor, Next Phase Roofing, metal roofs are extremely low maintenance. The level of upkeep needed to maintain your new roof is generally minimal. However, any type of roof maintenance shouldn’t be overlooked. Make sure you’re aware of what’s going on with your commercial roof after an Oklahoma storm and that the safe removal of leaves or other debris from your roof is kept in mind.

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