Granite Public Schools


Granite, OK

Scope of Work

Roof Replacement, Exterior Paint, Signage, Scoreboards, Emergency Repairs, Gutters

About the Project

The scope of work for Granite Public Schools was a comprehensive restoration project for the entire campus. Every building received new roofs and gutters. Nearly every type of roofing product was utilized to restore the campus. The gymnasium previously had a foam roof that was severely damaged during the storm. We made temporary repairs to the roof the morning after the storm, and then we fully replaced the roof within weeks of the storm. The rest of the campus re-roofing project was a mixture of TPO roofs, R-panel roofs, and standing seam metal. The baseball and softball complex received new roofs and trim, which updated and unified the look of the entire campus. The school also received new scoreboards and signage, which the storm had damaged. Next Phase successfully and safely completed this project during the active school year.