Northwest Church of Christ


Lawton, OK

Scope of Work

Roof Replacement, Standing Seam Metal, Vinyl Backed Insulation, Framing, Steel Work

About the Project

Northwest Church of Christ was struck by a tornado in December, which destroyed the steeple, followed by a hailstorm the following June. Next Phase worked with the church after the hailstorm to complete a full restoration of the property. The existing trapezoidal roofing system and z-purlin framing were aesthetically problematic for the prominent location where the church is situated. We removed the panels, aligned the framing with a string, and addressed the issues before installing the new panels. The result is the beautiful standing seam architectural design that was originally desired when the building was constructed. The church was a great partner to work with on this complex project. No services or activities were canceled or postponed during the job.

Lawton NW CofC after prog - DJI_111311_0044