NW 39th St


Oklahoma City, OK

Scope of Work

Flat Roof Replacement, Commercial-Grade Guttering, Tapered Insulation, Full Code Upgrade of Insulation

About the Project

NW 39th St received a complete replacement of the TPO roofing system. This included 3 1/2 inches of polyiso insulation in addition to a tapered system to properly deal with diverting the water to the roof drains. This project included the removal of a deteriorated fiberglass and tar roofing system. The interior ceiling is an exposed finish. By being aware of the debris that might potentially fall into the three industrial tenants' units, we coordinated and protected a classic car shop, tile and carpet showroom, and a steel manufacturing shop during the re-roof. This resulted in minimal disruption and no days closed down for the businesses.

Commercial TPO Roof Replacement