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Monroe Public School

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This project was the result of an Oklahoma hail storm from the spring storm season of 2019. Monroe Public School has a metal roof and is located near Howe, Oklahoma and is situated in far Eastern Oklahoma near the Oklahoma-Arkansas border with a few of the closest towns being Poteau, Oklahoma; Howe, Oklahoma; Heavener, Oklahoma; and only 32 miles from Fort Smith, Arkansas.


Hail Damaged Roofs

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This campus, Monroe Public School, was constructed in 1937 and was damaged by a significant hail storm that created hail damage to the roof. We are a trusted, licensed, and certified metal roofing contractor for both commercial and residential in the State of Oklahoma. Monroe Public School honored us with the opportunity to restore their hail damaged roofs on the campus.  This resulted in an insurance claim for wind and hail. Our Oklahoma roof inspector determined that this needed to be evaluated for storm damage.

We did commercial roofing repairs on the damaged areas before selected the metal roof needed on campus.

We then proceeded to roll form custom standing seam panels in the metal panel color they chose. The decision to use a striated panel as opposed to a flat panel, was due to the uneven nature and settlement that occurred on the property over the years. We felt the striations would reduce any oil canning and leave us with a beautiful end product.


Roof Insulation Upgrade

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Energy efficient roofing is important on metal and flat roofs. We used a roofing calculator to determine the optimal amount of insulation needed on this building. We ensured that this is a water-tight system that is able to withstand the torrential downpours and whatever severe weather Oklahoma brings and have no risk of water infiltrating the panel seams.


Commercial Air Conditioning Units

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Along with the commercial roofing portion of the project, we also replaced the air conditioning units. We partnered with the best HVAC company in Eastern Oklahoma near the school when replacing the units.

Commercial Kitchen Equipment

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We also replaced the commercial kitchen exhaust that penetrates through the roofing system. By doing our due diligence with the local restaurant supply groups, we determined that the exterior exhaust, interior duct work system, and vent hood needed to be changed.

It was a pleasure working with Monroe Public School on this project and one we won’t soon forget. We’re happy they can now focus on what’s most important: their kiddos & learning.


Roof Inspection

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With this project and any storm restoration project, we feel it is absolutely vital when selecting a contractor to pick on who is experienced, licensed, and knowledgable to perform your roofing project. We can do roof estimates across the state of Oklahoma. Flat roof inspection, metal roof inspection and foam roof inspection. We strive to be the best roofing company in Oklahoma.

Contact us at https://nextphaseroofing.com/contact-us/or call us at 405-500-7663.