Featured Project Profile: Granite Public Schools

Granite Public Schools, located in Granite Oklahoma, suffered severe storm damage, hail and wind damage, to all of their roofs. This school roof project was a priority to us. We made immediate temporary repairs to the roofs the morning after the storm, making sure the school was safe and watertight for the students to continue learning. This was a comprehensive restoration project for the entire campus. Next Phase is the best call for Granite Oklahoma roofing and roofing in zip code 73547. Granite, Oklahoma is located 143 miles from downtown Oklahoma City, in Western Oklahoma. Granite Oklahoma has a beautiful landscape and backs up to Quartz Mountain State Park in Southwestern, Oklahoma.


Storm Damaged Roofs

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Granite Public Schools was heavily damaged campus-wide by a severe Oklahoma hailstorm in the spring season. The significant hailstorm hit al Granite facilities, creating immediate roof leaks and ruining the interior of their buildings. Next Phase was on the job site immediately after the storm doing temporary repairs to the roofs and drying them in until the roofs could be fully replaced within weeks of the storm. We are a trusted, licensed, and certified metal roofing contractor for both commercial and residential in the state of Oklahoma and Granite Public Schools honored us with the opportunity to restore their hail damaged roofs.

Oklahoma School Roof Project

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This school roof project was a comprehensive restoration project for the entire campus. Every single building received new roofs and gutters. Nearly every type of roofing product and material was utilized in restoring this campus; from foam, to TPO roofing, to R-panel roofing, and standing seam metal roofs that came from McElroy Metal. Energy efficiency is important to this Oklahoma school year-round. Next Phase Roofing, as certified Oklahoma school’s roofing contractors – we know helping the school stay temperature regulated and save on heating and cooling bills is important.


More Than Roofing

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We didn’t stop at just the roofs on the main school buildings, roof restoration was completed on the baseball and softball complex. They both received new roofs and trim which updated and unified the look of the entire campus. In addition, the sports complex received new scoreboards and signage. Next Phase Roofing is your call for commercial roof projects that involve more than just roofing. From steeples, to fencing, to baseball field roofs – we make Sur eyour roofing project is taken care of from top to bottom.


Jobsite Coordination

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We worked closely with the school and superintendent, Missy Berry, on coordinating site management throughout the entire school roof project. The entire project was completed with zero disruption to the school operations and was delivered ahead of schedule! Making sure the Oklahoma school, their students and staff are taken care of and safe from start to finish on a job is our priority. “Next Phase was just a wonderful company to work with and they were always so concerned that they did not do anything to interrupt academic learning at our district and I so appreciated that.” – Missy Berry, Granite Public Schools Superintendent.

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With this Oklahoma school roof project and any storm restoration project, we feel it is absolutely vital when selecting a contractor to pick one who is experienced, licensed, and knowledgeable to perform your roof project. We can do roof estimates across the state of Oklahoma. Flat roof inspection, metal roof inspection and foam roof inspection. We strive to be the best roofing company in Oklahoma.

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