Ravia Public School, located in Ravia, Oklahoma near Tishomingo, Oklahoma, had their foam roof destroyed from an Oklahoma severe hailstorm. Being Oklahoma’s trusted and licensed rural school roofer, we were ready to help this wonderful school. Ravia needed someone they could trust to get the job done and restore their historic campus back to life.

Ravia after DJI 0001 HDR

School Storm Damage

This school was built in the early 1900s and has many historic qualities you don’t see around as commonly today, like a domed roof over the auditorium. Being a rural school Oklahoma roofer, Next Phase has encountered and worked on these roofs many times, so we knew what it would take to get the job done. Ravia found several leaks in their building after the hailstorm, which was disrupting their students and classrooms. It was time for a re-roof.

Ravia foam DJI 0529

Ravia foam DJI 0579

Foam Roof Installation

This project was a full replacement on their foam roof. The old foam was shaved down to provide a consistent and smooth surface for the re-roof. Moisture meters were used to test for any water present in the old foam system. After confirming the base layer was smooth and free of moisture, the new foam roof was applied. The new foam roof technology, allowed for the school to have an increase in energy efficiency to keep up with all of Oklahoma’s weather seasons. Lastly, we included a hail impact resistant coating that gave Ravia the enhanced protection when the next storm rolls through. “We are so pleased with the results that Next Phase has given us. We’re looking forward to several more years of our old historic building,” – Ravia Superintendent.

Ravia basecoat DJI 0837

Ravia topcoat DJI 0910

Jobsite Coordination

We worked closely with Ms. McDonald, Ravia School Superintendent, throughout the entire project. We analyzed the entire property and developed a plan to complete the project in a timely fashion with as little disruption to the school and students as possible. We take note of aspects like landscaping, playgrounds, parent/child pickup and drop off zones, bus loading zones and more. “Next Phase was a real asset to me,” – Ms. McDonald, said.

Next Phase handles the most complex roof restorations in Oklahoma. Every one of our projects is custom-tailored to meet the design of the building. We enjoyed working with this historic school on their foam roof project. All schools matter to us no matter the size or location in Oklahoma. We want to see the school and students thrive. With a new roof, Ravia schools can continue to do just that!

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If you suspect your local school has storm damage, give Next Phase a call for a free comprehensive property inspection. Our deep understanding of the unique local and state building codes enables us to provide you with analysis for the latest energy and structural requirements that increase value and add energy efficiency. Whether from storm damage-related issues or for preventative maintenance, Next Phase provides the most comprehensive analysis of your property – for free.

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