We’re fully immersed in winter; snow and ice are inevitable. Luckily in Oklahoma, we don’t deal with this hassle as often as our friends up north, but we do get our fair share of winter weather in Oklahoma. Snow and ice can lead to roof leaks for many different reasons with one of the most common being ice damming. Next Phase Roofing is here to help you through the process and alleviate the headache.

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Ice Damming

When we get a lot of ice and snow at one time, it can get compacted with debris and other loose materials into the gutter line (eaves) and create an ice blockage or dam. Once it’s time for the snow and ice to start melting, the water won’t be able to drain normally down the gutters like it usually does. Without anywhere for the water to run, if the roof has not been installed properly, it will cause the water to back up in areas that aren’t supposed to have sitting water. Eventually, you will most likely find water dripping into your home. Snow and ice roof leaks can cause a lot of damage to the interior of your home and it’s good measure to prevent it where you can.

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How To Prevent

It’s a good idea to keep your gutters clean and free of debris no matter the time of year, but especially in the winter after the trees have lost all their leaves. It’s a good idea to check periodically during warmer days in the winter, but especially before snow or ice is supposed to arrive. Being prepared for snow and ice roof leaks can help save you time and money in the long run. If you had an improperly installed roof, this is a little harder to prevent. Ice and water shield should be properly installed at the rakes and eaves of your roof to prevent interior home water leaks. Next Phase Roofing offers free inspections of your current roof to see if it might be time for a new roof or if a roof repair can hold you over through the winter.

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What To Do with Snow Leaks

When you find a snow or ice leak from your roof, be sure to make sure you and the area is safe. Place a bucket or towels underneath to prevent further damage to the interior of the home or flooring. Be sure to call Next Phase Roofing immediately for a free inspection. Depending on your insurance policy, a new roof may be covered. This is a great question to call your insurance provider on.

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