There are few things worse than having to replace your company’s roof in the heart of winter. Standing on an icy death trap of a roof trying to evaluate the situation as a novice roof assessor is the last thing you should be doing. Instead, pour yourself a cup of coffee, grab a donut from the break room, exchange pleasantries with your favorite coworker and contact Next Phase Roofing to inspect your business’s roof – for free.

In the interim, what can you do to SAFELY prepare for the winter ahead? Here are some tips to help you prepare for increased precipitation, colder temps and any savage Oklahoma weather conditions.

  1. Get Your Roof Professionally Inspected for free by Next Phase Roofing. Why pay for something that should be included? As expert Oklahoma roofers, we offer complimentary asset evaluations that document the current condition of your property. Our assessments and consultations provide insight into your building, documenting any problems resulting from poor installation, worn-out sealants, uncorrected damage, or improper repairs.
  2. Examine Your Roofline. Take a little stroll around the property to check out the state of the roof. Is there sagging? Ice dams building up in your gutters? Anything look off? While it may sound like a “duh” moment, something small could turn into a more severe issue if left unattended to. If something seems off, it probably is.
  3. Install Ice and Water Shields. A lack of Ice and Water shield in the valley, perimeter or around roofing penetrations is an open invitation to ice dams forming and in turn causing leaks. Installing this product beneath the roofing material can save tens of thousands of dollars in repair costs. In the event of a roof replacement, this product is required by building code in many areas and can be added at no additional cost through an insurance claim!
  4. Inspect Flashing For Leaks. What is flashing? It’s the metal material that is supposed to keep water away from certain roof features like skylights, chimneys, dormer windows, vents and HVAC units. If the areas around the flashing are damp, head back up to tip one.
  5. Check Signs of Pests. As the temperatures drop, rodents, squirrels and insects seek the warm shelter inside your office. If you see evidence that these furry trouble makers have invaded your space such as droppings, nests or gnawed cords, call a professional  pest removal company.
  6. Remove Debris. Those Oklahoma tornadoes whip through trees and other vegetation making many roofs a debris magnet. Beyond the harmless frisbee atop every suburban business, tree branches can cause further damage if left unremoved from Oklahoma roofs. Clear out your business’s gutters, spouts and drains. This is generally a task performed on a ladder so if you’re afraid of heights and of being a featured meme – leave it to the pros.
  7. Probe Seams (Flat Roofs). For flat roofing systems that consist of modified bitumen, TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) and PVC it is critical to probe seams before winter arrives. Ice that forms a layer over the roof will eventually thaw, trapping thousands of gallons of water between the roofing system and the ice. Properly probing the roofs and repairing any loose seams prevents water from finding its way into the building.

With winter quickly approaching, use the bowls in your office kitchen to hold delicious holiday treats, not to catch the precipitation dripping from the ceiling. We hope these tips help you and your business prepare for the winter ahead.