FAQ: On Finding a Roof Leak

and what to do next

You’re currently a home owner or a commercial building owner and a good ‘ol Oklahoma storm, with torrential rain, hail and wind has rolled through and you start to notice your roof leaking. Oklahoma City and Tulsa has just had major measurable rain for the first time in three months. There’s a chance with the heavy downpours overnight and today, you’re finding leaks. Whether it’s water damage to your ceiling, seeing weather damage in the attic or drywall is wet – now what with this roof leak? We’ll walk you through some commonly asked questions and give you Next Phase Roofing approved answers to try and make the roof damage findings as least stressful as possible.


Q: Where do I start when finding a roof leak?

A: First things first, call Next Phase Roofing and Construction at 405-500-7663. We are Oklahoma’s expert in residential & commercial roofing solutions, with decades of field experience and an emphasis on complex weather-related restoration. Whether you have a flat roof, shingle roof, tile roof, slate roof and more – our 24/7 emergency response teams are located throughout Oklahoma to ensure an immediate response after a storm strikes for a FREE inspection. Next, if accessible within the home, place a bucket or towels to stop the water damage from reaching other aspects of the home. Do not put yourself in harms way to do so.

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Q: Is a leaking ceiling or roof considered an emergency?

A: Yes & no. Do not wait for a roof inspection or roof estimate if you feel you are in immediate danger. Vacate the area and call the top roofing company near you, Next Phase Roofing. If you don’t feel in danger and just notice a simple roof leak, give us a call anyways and we will have one of our certified roofing managers to meet with you and inspect the roof, at no cost to you.

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Q: How can I tell where my roof leak is coming from?

A: This can be tricky and should be left up to a certified and skilled roofing contractor. Often times, where you are seeing the water damage does not necessarily mean the damage is directly above or directly next to the spot in the roof. It can be funneled down beams, a chimney, roofing panels, cracks in walls, and more. Let us handle the free roof inspection from top to bottom, to accurately and definitively find the damage. In trickier spots, a controlled roof water test may be necessary.

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Q: Should I inspect my own roof?

A: No. The roof, especially at a high pitch angle – can be dangerous if you don’t have the correct roofing equipment, training or knowledge. Leave this job up to us.

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Q: Do I need a new roof or a roof repair? 

A: After your free Next Phase Roofing inspection, we will be able to determine if you need a simple roof repair or if you need a complete roof replacement. Roof replacement is obviously a last resort option; however, upgrading your roof means energy efficiency which means lower heating and cooling bills, 20+ years guaranteed roofing longevity and something money can’t buy, ease of mind.

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Q: Does insurance cover roof leaks? 

A: It depends. In the event of a storm, such as accidental damage – generally insurance will cover or help cover your roof. This is a question for your insurance agent so they can take a look at your policy.

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Q: Is it normal for my roof to leak water?

A: Simply put, no. Your roof should be water-tight and energy efficient. If leaks are not addressed – they could cause bigger issues like mildew and mold. The earlier these leaks are addressed and assessed, the better. If you are experiencing roof leaks

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