Roofing Your Commercial Job

How to Choose the Right Roofing Contractor

If you own a business, when it comes time for a roof replacement, this can be unknown territory for many, which can be stressful roofing your commercial job. With so many different types of commercial roofing in Oklahoma: TPO roofs, standing seam metal roofs, R-panel metal roofs, foam roofs, asphalt shingle roofs, DaVinci Synthetic shake and slate roofs and more – it can be overwhelming. They each have different processes and steps from beginning to end. No matter the type of roof, this space is important to you and should be treated as important to your roofing contractor as it is to you.

We offer complimentary asset evaluations that let you know the current condition of your property. Our assessments and consultations provide insight into your building, documenting any problems resulting from poor installation, worn-out sealants, uncorrected damage, or improper repairs.

When roofing your commercial job, the key to maintaining a waterproof structure and carrying on with business while the roof is being replaced is to pick the correct roofing contractor for your commercial business. It’s important to pick a contractor who will carry out the following five tasks, like Next Phase roofing does:

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1. Planning your roofing system

From beginning to end on your re-roof project, there are many steps and details that impact your roof performance in the end. Next Phase has the most knowledge when it comes to your roofing system and we have a tried and true process in place. Everything from roofing components, installation methods, to venting and drainage – it’s all vital to making sure your roof is in optimal shape and long-lasting. Next Phase is able to design the best roofing system for performance from your business. We spend time with you, your business, research, the area and more. Front-end planning is so important.

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2. Transparency 

You will never be out of the loop on any step of the process when roofing your commercial job. As certified, licensed and trust commercial roofing contractors – we address all of your needs, concerns and special considerations. There are many moving parts to a commercial roof so we know it’s important to address real-time collaboration tactics for the project as well as a schedule and timeline. Never hire any roofing contractor that is not licensed and we, at Next Phase Roofing, have a commercial endorsed Oklahoma roofing license.

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3. Work without interfering with your business operations

We are storm damage solutions for Oklahoma’s schools – so we have ample amounts of experience in making sure work can go on while we are roofing, without interfering with your business operations. We strategize and plan to minimize or eliminate downtime for your operations. For example, with Oklahoma school roof projects we ensure that the children are safe to continue learning if they are in the building or we plan our day around their schedule. For Oklahoma churches re-roofs, we prioritize the congregations schedule and make sure entering and exiting the building is always safe. Next Phase always has procedures for temporarily storing roofing materials and removing roofing waste from the property. We take note of special considerations, such as landscaping, playgrounds, parent/child pick up and drop off zones, bus loading zones, buried cable/plumbing, and high-line power. Our mission is to complete the project with as little disruption to your normal operations as possible.

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4. Proper Materials

To advise you, your roofing contractor needs to be aware of the materials that are most effective non your circumstances. Your business may expose your roofing system to specific elements like grease, chemicals, or cleaning agents or you may life in a part of Oklahoma that gets more average rainfall than the others, or a location that is generally warmer in the summer months – all of these are factors that play into which roofing system if optimal for you. While some materials might be advertised or appear to be equivalent, they may perform differently in real-world situations. Next Phase can walk you through this decision process with ease and years of experience.

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5. Honest, Knowledgeable & Reliable

Make sure you’re choosing an Oklahoma Roofing contractor that is honest, knowledgeable and reliable. After an Oklahoma storm where there was wind and hail, roofers come out of the wood work looking only to take your hard-earned money. Next Phase is far from one of those. Our priority is that you are safe, taken care of, informed and beyond happy with your new roof. We use interactive hail maps, a free roof inspection, and a roofing calculator – combined with our many years of roofing knowledge to make sure you are informed and taken care of when looking to re-roof your commercial business in Oklahoma.

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Whether we’re installing a roof on a large project like Bray-Doyle public schools, Dollar General, Gaslight Square Shopping Center, Yukon Church or a smaller commercial roofing project – they are all treated the same. Our expertise in inspections and damage analysis, roof replacement and repair, working through complex insurance claims, and unmatched customer service makes Next Phase a comprehensive turn-key solution for schools, churches, industrial and commercial projects.

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