Featured Project Profile: Geronimo Public Schools

Geronimo Public School’s roof was heavily damaged by a severe Oklahoma hail storm during the spring season. Each building of this beautiful, historic Oklahoma school roof was damaged by large hail. Geronimo public school sits off of I-44 in southwestern Oklahoma just south of Lawton, Oklahoma and the military base of Fort Sill; near one of our other re-roof projects of Lawton Spread the Word church and only 30 minutes from the infamous burgers at Meers Store & Restaurant, an Oklahoma staple. Geronimo Public School’s original building was built in 1938 with some additions in the 1970’s. Keeping the history in mind, after the storm ravaged the roof – it was time for an upgrade.


Hail Damaged Roofs

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The significant hail storm to this Oklahoma school created problems for the school interior which eventually trickles down to affecting the learning and work of the students and staff. We are a trusted, licensed, and certified metal roofing contractor for both commercial and residential in the state of Oklahoma and Geronimo Public School honored us with the opportunity to restore their hail damaged roofs.


Oklahoma School Metal Roofing

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Mechanically locked 24 gauge standing seam metal roofing from McElroy Metal was the perfect choice for this roof. We custom rolled metal panels with our team; making sure each part of the roof was perfectly covered and sealed, down to the millimeter making it water-tight to endure Oklahoma weather. To make sure every drop of water has a place to go – we installed custom commercial grade gutters and downspouts throughout the buildings. In addition, with an upgrade to new custom collector boxes and gutters on the high school building – Geronimo Public Schools will be set for many, many years to come.


Commercial HVAC Units

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Along with the commercial roofing portion of the project, we also reset the rooftop HVAC units with new and proper sized curbs. The new proper curbs fully supported the weight of the units in addition to keeping out moisture and debris from the building.


Oklahoma School Roof Energy Efficiency

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Southwestern Oklahoma in the summer months can get very hot with temperatures exceeding 100 degrees, daily. In the winter, Geronimo can deal with snow, freezing rain and frigid temperatures. Energy efficiency is important to this Oklahoma school year-round. With that in mind, we added a significant amount of insulation to the Oklahoma school roof making sure it’s completely energy efficient. Next Phase Roofing, as certified Oklahoma school’s roofing contractors – we know helping the school stay temperature regulated and save on heating and cooling bills is important. In addition the insulation, we installed a fluid-applied coating system on the gymnasium building – which seals the existing roof and provides energy efficiency to the current roof.


It was such a pleasure working with Geronimo Public schools on this project. We are pleased they can now concentrate on their school and students without the headache of a storm-damaged roof.


Roof Inspection

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With this Oklahoma school roof project and any storm restoration project, we feel it is absolutely vital when selecting a contractor to pick on who is experienced, licensed, and knowledgable to perform your roofing project. We can do roof estimates across the state of Oklahoma. Flat roof inspection, metal roof inspection and foam roof inspection. We strive to be the best roofing company in Oklahoma.

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