Oktaha Schools


Oktaha, OK

Scope of Work

Flat Roof Replacement, HVAC Curb Installation, Reconfiguration of Roof-top Plumbing, Tapered Insulation Package

About the Project

Oktaha Schools received a complete re-roof of the flat-roofed areas on campus. Massive water infiltration occurred on the prior roofing system, leading to much of the steel deck needing replacement. We also determined that the old roof had a flat deck with no pitch. We designed a tapered roofing system that efficiently moved water off the roof and through the newly designed guttering. This roof went from no insulation to an R-30 above roof-deck insulation, saving thousands on energy bills. This project was completed while school was in session. We coordinated with classrooms to move children out each day while the section was safely completed and had no days or sessions of missed school.

Roof repair and installation after storm damage in Oklahoma