Crossroads Baptist Church, located in Elgin, Oklahoma, was severely damaged by Oklahoma storms containing hail and wind. We are Oklahoma’s trusted and licensed church roofer. It was our priority to get this church restored to better-than-before condition. This was a comprehensive restoration project for the entire church campus. Next Phase is the best call for Elgin and Lawton Oklahoma roofing.

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Storm Damage

Crossroads Baptist Church was heavily damaged by a severe Oklahoma hailstorm that created significant damage to the roof, windows, insulation, and gutters. This affected the daily church operations and was creating further damage to the interior of the church. We consider it a privilege to work with churches on their roofing and restoration projects. We respect the purpose of the church building to its members and the community. We strive to complete the project in a way that provides minimal disruption to normal day-to-day operations.

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Coverage was secured for a full roof placement. This included the damaged windows and gutters as well. Crossroads Baptist Church was upgraded from a R-panel system to a top-of-the-line standing seam metal roof. With our installation techniques and expertise, this is a no-leak type roof system that will keep the church safe and dry for many years to come. Standing seam metal roofs can hold up well in any season here in Oklahoma. With new windows, the church is now much more energy efficient than before. Helping keep their heating and cooling costs down.

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More Than Roofing

We worked closely with the entire team at Crossroads Baptist Church on coordinating site management throughout the entire church roof project. The entire project was completed with zero disruption to the church operations. It was our priority to make sure the congregation was safe every week in and around the church campus while completing this church re-roof project. There are a lot of moving parts and coordination that takes place in a jobsite from start to finish and we couldn’t have done it without the help of the Crossroads Baptist Church community.

With this Oklahoma church roof project and any storm restoration project, we feel it is absolutely vital when selecting a contractor to pick one who is experienced, licensed, and knowledgeable to perform your roof project. We can do roof estimates across the state of Oklahoma with our 24/7 emergency response team. Shingle roof inspection, flat roof inspection, metal roof inspection and foam roof inspection.

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Our expertise in inspections and damage analysis, roof replacement and repair, working through complex insurance claims, and unmatched customer service makes Next Phase a comprehensive turn-key solution for residential roofs, schools, churches, industrial and commercial projects.

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